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Whether you want to get stronger, move more, or lose weight, we have a pro to guide you. Get to know each other with a call—and build the dream plan together.  

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You’ll get a personalized fitness plan to follow after your onboarding quiz. Your coach will further customize it based on your goals and preferences. All you have to do is show up!  

It’s not a solo mission. Your coach will drop in regularly to offer motivation, guidance, and tips—plus celebrate your milestones.  

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At $75/month, obé Personal Training is a recurring add-on to your existing obé membership. Only available on iOS—and with a US/Canada phone number. 

Tell us your workout preferences, fitness goals, and available equipment so we can match you with the right obé coach.  

Meet your coach on a call and get to know each other! Then, follow your custom, progressive class plan and get support from your coach when you need it.  

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Goodbye, guesswork. We’ll build a long-term plan for your needs and match you with an obé coach to support your journey. Only available on iOS.

Reach your goals with support from an obé coach at $75/month. 

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